Halftone Image of Crowd

"I won the genetic lottery."

 This art is for those people who believe taking a calculated risk and finding things out for themselves is important. 



Strong Danish roots with an eye for 

discovery and innovation.

An early imagination made the blue sky

the ocean which meant I was above the clouds! Boom! My first shot of adrenalin.

This led to many adventures with people who inspired me to seek out my potential.

Not all challenges came from the fire ground or the mountains but as an elder it pleases me that life didn't change who I am.


Avalanche Forecaster, Mountain Guide, Fire Captain, Songwriter


The mid sixties came at the same time as my need for independence. What also came with this awakening is the fact that the world isn't always fair or just.

Grad was in '72 and Alice Cooper sang, "School's out forever! . . . BLOWN TO PIECES!"

In 1967 they herded all the kids into the school gymnasium to talk to us about the Environment and what that actually meant. I remain mindful of my responsibilities to the planet.