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 I won the genetic lottery and I'm not letting a strand of it go to waste. 



 All three are about taking a risk. 


 Fell in love. 


"Caffeine, treadmill for the brain."

How would you describe your creative process?

 I work with a very practiced level of concentration which 

 allows intuition to come through . 

Did that work in the Fire Department?

 Definitely, and with lead climbing as well. You figure out a 

 way to get your thoughts to go where you need them to go   which results in consistency and creates confidence. 

What does it mean to be a professional? 

 Every decision I made was peer reviewed by my employer 

 and co-workers and each year there were a list of re-   certifications so you're expected to 'deliver'. 

What are some of your musical influences?

 I graduated in 1972 so that's where I'm coming from. 

What's your biggest achievement with your art?

 Raising over 30K for the White Helmets, it made a difference. 

How did you get involved?

 Caught the news clip, got angry and responded effectively. 

What's the biggest take away from the fire department?

 Luck plays a role in everything regardless of anything else. 

From adventuring?

 Humility goes a long way but luck also plays a big role. 

What's a fire fighter's worst day?

 When one of us doesn't go home. 


Any close calls?

 Not really but exposed to many high risk scenarios. 

Saving a life must demand the most from you.

 It does and it's intense for everyone. I dealt with it by being   hyper vigilante in my training and preparation. 

What's life like in a fire hall?

 It has a lot of dynamic tension to it, be relaxed but also ready   to perform  at your best in the time it takes to arrive on    scene. 

The community looks up to fire fighters and see them as heroes.

 We're not heroes but well trained people. To me the heroes   are the ones who witness an emergency and act without   thinking or waiting  for us to arrive. That impresses me,   they're great human beings. 

Do women belong in the fire department? 

 Yes, I learned to climb in the mid seventies from men and   women. The women were competent, skilled and fun. The 

 two women at Delta Fire bring that same character to the 

 hall. The way I  see it we're equal just different. 

Different in which ways?

 Jim Morrison of the Doors said it best, men have to find a   purpose in life, women are life. 



What's the best thing about being an artist?

 I can grow my hair long an act like  Andy Warhol  He had a 

 'bemused indifference' to society, that's what all of us are   after right?  No one else like us? 

Have you ever had writers block?

 What's that? 

Are the songs are autobiographical?

 Some for sure, but lots are observations of life and 'humanity'   or the lack of it. 

Songwriting is often described as a mystery, is that true? 

 Yes, going in search of answers or self discovery is the high. 

Do you decide ahead of time what to write about? 

 Sometimes a subject gets my attention while other times it's   a feeling like when you know someone is out of view but   they're looking at you, that happens a lot. 

How do you know when a song is finished?

 When I can only make it different not better that's when it's   time to move on. 

Any songwriting tips?

 Give yourself time to grow into your own process. The   caveat is be discretionary on what you make public, don't end up being meat on a plate because it's a cruel world. 

How did Outdoor Living come about?

 The need was there as the one film on hypothermia   consisted of do's & don't's which doesn't inspire learning,   dramatic action does this really well. 

What are the challenges of this method of teaching?

 Writing natural sounding dialogue and the believability of the   'actors'. 

Everyone is so authentic and the out takes are hilarious.

 Things like speaking on the radio were second nature for   Brian & Bob and being themselves was real easy for Tyler &   Doug. 

It's great because you can see their growth from the beginning.

 They would be goofing off right up to when I said, 'camera's   rolling & . . . ',  then they would drop instantly into character   like Clooney & Pitt. Watch the out takes, it's hilarious. 

Favourite movie line?

 "I'm co-operating, darn tootin' I am." Fargo. 

What are your thoughts on Spotify?

 It benefits the share holders and the listeners not the artist.   You're playing live shows to sell t-shirts to make a living   now. Subscribers are stoked they're getting almost free   music and band are selling 'merch'.

Any words for others pursuing their creativity?

 Be honest, be expressive and give yourself time to grow 

 into it. 

Are you a religious or spiritual person?

 Spiritual in the sense that I have a conscience and don't   need religion or a god. 

What are those things you covenant most?

 Health, concentration and confidence. From there I can   contribute on all levels, family, friends, career and continue   to be connected to humanity in a small but meaningful way. 

Aliens are asking to meet our three best humans, who do you send?

 Ted Nugent and Noel & Liam Gallagher. If the aliens had bad   intentions then these three lads would be all over them. 

Is there anything missing or something just out of reach?

 Well, I think it would be great if they named a paint after me. 

What colour would it be? 

 A shade close to the blue from the Roland 1680 screen   would be very cool. 

Is there a fountain of youth?

 Yes, passion. 


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